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Finding luxury residences can never be so hard, since there are always new projects overtaking others especially in the prime area locations. It is understandable that luxury residences, which could be in a form of whether condominium or apartment are primarily location based.

However, the differences between each of them are mostly defined by your purpose and your lifestyles. For example, Thonglor is mostly perceived to be Bangkok’s one of the most luxury neighborhoods that it is often an area for socialites’ hangout spot for dining and nightlife scene. Meanwhile Ekkamai, a historical location turned into lifestyle center, is often recognized as a twin of Thonglor but with different styles which seems more energetic that recently is also more welcoming with new expats, or young entrepreneurs.

In case you’re wondering about factors of choosing a place to indulge yourself, consider location and commodities of each projects. Then you can narrow down to the type of room you want for the one you’re interested. With solid and reliable database and highly experienced agents we have, you can find the best selected luxury residences to make sure that your memorable stay is guaranteed.